Performance Nutrition

Philippi Sports Institute is excited get you started on the most comprehensive nutritional program that has been scientifically proven by clinical research. Our program is designed to help improve sports performance and overall health! Philippi Sports Nutrition is a revolutionary program clinically proven to help you:

          • Increase strength

          • Lean muscle mass

          • Decrease body fat

          • Stabilize blood sugar

          • Improve hormonal balance

          • Improve immune function and recovery!

Philippi Sports Nutrition is based on a low glycemic, lean protein, and essential fatty acid nutritional plan combined with proper nutritional supplementation to improve sport performance. This is the only nutritional program that has published long-term therapeutic improvements in overall health and disease prevention. (Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, 2008, 5:29) Our nutritional program also incorporates sports nutrient timing protocols to help fuel your workouts and improve your recovery. The program ensures that you meet your goals whether they are to add lean muscle mass, improve strength, or to take off excess body fat and trim up. 

Healthy body composition changes are an essential component of our program. Our goal is to teach athletes how to eat to win.

Program includes:

Bio-impedance analysis: We use a BIA (bio-impedance analysis) to monitor healthy body composition changes. The BIA measures lean muscle mass, body fat mass, muscle cell hydration, and inter and extra cellular fluid levels; all essential components in evaluating and improving athletic performance.

Personalized nutritional plan based off of basal metabolic rate and training cycle. This will ensure each athlete the most accurate recommendations on caloric needs to help improve body composition. The goal is to improve lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, improve hormone balance, immune function and recovery. This nutrition plan will teach you to eat like a champion!

Program includes comprehensive individualized Nutrient Timing supplementation recommendations. Learn when and how to take proven supplementation ensuring that you to get the most out of your workout and improve your recovery.

Program also includes follow-up consultation and periodic BIA testing to track progress.