Novice Level Athlete Program (ages 10 to 13)

Our highly successful novice programs will give young athletes of all types a jump start on the competition. Don't wait until high school to start a performance training program or you will fall behind your competition. After our initial assessment, we will teach you all the fundamentals of proper training. The program focuses on proper linear speed and lateral agility movement skills, flexibility, torso strength as well as proper strength training technique and conditioning. Our small group atmosphere and hands on approach will teach your young athlete the proper skills to safely and effectively improve their performance. Program length is 75 minutes.

Intermediate Level Athlete Programs (ages 14 to 16)

Our Intermediate training programs are designed to improve overall athleticism. Training at the high school can be limiting and even dangerous. Let us prepare your athletes for competition or assist your present sport coaches by specifically targeting areas that are often overlooked by a general high school strength program. Each workout addresses the following areas: movement preparation, torso strength, speed, agility, power, strength, flexibility and conditioning. After assessing your current training condition we will design a program to improve your athletic performance based on the assessment results, the sport, and each athletes training goals. Let us help you take your game to the next level. Program length is 75 to 90 minutes.

Elite Level Athlete Programs (ages 17+)

Our Elite programs are designed for more experienced athletes that have gone through the Intermediate program or have a high level of training experience. We will utilize advanced programming methods and equipment to obtain maximum results. Our programs will focus on improving speed, agility, mobility, strength, power, and flexibility by using multiple training philosophies to achieve your goals. Program length is 90 minutes.

A.M. Training Camp

Most facilities offer boot camps, at PSI we offer “Training Camp". PSI Training Camp is for adults seeking to lose weight, reduce body fat, build strength and improve conditioning. We use the same training performance improving format used by our high school, college and professional athletes. PSI Training Camp is an effective and unique alternative to the typical health club class. Group sessions are offered at 6am, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Active Adult program

We have programs to get you into the best shape of your life. Whether you want to lose weight, gain flexibility, increase strength, or add muscle, our coaches will push you to achieve your goals in a safe progressive manner. After our initial assessment, we will design a program and train you in a small group so that we can give you the hands on attention that you need to push through your performance program. Parents you can train while your young athletes train. Program length is 60 to 75 minutes.

Professional Athlete Program (collegiate and professionals)

Our individualized “Pro” package will help prepare you for the season or your next event. Our coaches will individually take you through your training program to maximize you results. The all inclusive program includes: Assessment, individualized performance training program, pre/post workout nutrition, nutritional programming, and therapy. We will design a program based on your athletic needs and goals. We have everything you will need to get into the best shape of your life. Program length is 90 minutes.

Combine Preparation Program

Our highly successful combine preparation/pro day program will teach each athlete how to maximize their combine drill score. After an initial assessment we will train each athlete how to improve their performance in the 40yd, pro shuttle, 3 cone agility, vertical jump, broad jump, and bench press. Programs include: Assessment, performance training, pre/post workout nutrition, and nutritional programming, therapy, and skill development sessions. Housing and meal options are available upon request.

Team Training

We can improve the performance of your entire team. Whether it is baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer or swimming, let us help you raise the performance of your entire team. We will take your entire team through a comprehensive “collegiate style “speed, strength, agility and conditioning program. Training to improve performance is a year round requirement. Our program will prepare your athletes for what they will encounter as they advance in their athletic careers.