Functional Medicine Testing

We provide several unique types of blood, hormonal, and allergy testing to investigate the root cause of issues in the body that may be affecting how you feel or your athletic performance.

Spectra Cell Micro Nutrient Intracellular Analysis:

This measures the cellular levels of selected vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants in your body to get an idea of your nutrient status. This will give you an idea of your body’s micro nutrient levels and its ability to defend against infection and recover from intense exercise.

Labrix Adrenal Hormone Test:

This test measures various hormones levels in the body including adrenal function, and testosterone. Maximizing these hormones naturally will improve general health, energy, and athletic recovery and performance.

Immuno Labs Food Sensitivity:

This test detects unknown allergies in foods or supplements we consume on a regular basis. Most of us have sensitivities or allergies to foods or supplements that can affect general health, athletic performance, gut health and nutrient absorption.

Spectra Cell Cholesterol Comprehensive Panel:

This test breaks down the total cholesterol into different ratios to more effectively determine your general vascular health.

Spectra Cell Telomere DNA Aging Analysis:

This test measures the Telomere on the end of you DNA strands to determine the how aging process is affecting your cell life. It effectively tells you if your lifestyle, diet and exercise are positively or negatively affecting your aging process.